Trevor Noah Mocks ‘Idiot’ Kellyanne Conway’s ‘COVID-1’ Nonsense

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As President Donald Trump “scrambles” to find someone to blame for the ongoing coronavirus crisis in the United States, Trevor Noah focused Wednesday night on his latest target: the World Health Organization.

While there may be “valid criticisms” of WHO, The Daily Show host said, “That still doesn’t explain why Trump ignored his own advisers who were telling him to prepare for a major outbreak.” 

“And even if you don’t think the WHO is perfect,” Noah continued, “the middle of a pandemic is not a good time to cut funding from a group that is an integral part of fighting coronavirus.” He compared it to giving your Uber drive one star during the ride. “You do that shit after you’re safe at home, not when you’re doing 90 on the freeway.” 

This led Noah to the “bunch of idiots” who make up Trump’s White House team. “I know that’s harsh,” he said, “but I only say that because they are.” 

Case in point was Kellyanne Conway’s latest appearance on Fox & Friends, during which she leveled her own attack against WHO by saying, “This is COVID-19, not COVID-1, folks. You would think that people charged with the World Health Organization facts and figures would be on top of that.”

“Seriously?” Noah asked. “You would think that one of the president’s top advisers would know that it’s called COVID-19 because it started in 2019. Not because it’s the 19th COVID. Does Kellyanne Conway also think that they’re called Blink-182 because the first 181 Blinks were taken?” 

“You know, sometimes I think Trump tells Kellyanne Conway to say dumb things on purpose just so that he looks smart in comparison,” the host continued, before imitating the president. “Kellyanne, I just told a reporter that Shrek is the president of Scotland. Please go out there and say something dumber. I need you.” 

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